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CUSTOMER SERVICE <---use this, NOT "Contact Us"


Need help? We're here!



With very few exceptions, you should always start by contacting the designer whose product you have purchased and/or have questions about.

Most of the time, if you have a question about a product... or an issue with a missing download file... etc. we will need to refer you to the designer anyway (because about 95% of the time, the designer is the only one who can fix product-specific issues or answer product-specific questions).

To contact an individual designer, navigate to her storefront in the shop (using the "DESIGNERS" menu in the left sidebar, click on the designer's name) ...and use the "EMAIL ME" icon that appears at the top of her storefront where all of the contact information icons are located.

The "EMAIL ME" icon looks like a small paper airplane ( ), and if you hover over it with your computer mouse, the words "EMAIL ME" will appear.



If you have already contacted the product designer and haven't gotten a resolution within 24-48 hours --OR-- you have an issue that is not product/designer-specific and you think our shop's admin team can help you... please use the customer service chat widget shown at the bottom of this page (look for the teal-colored "CHAT" bubble).

We make every effort to respond within 24 hours (often quite a bit sooner, if a member of our team is available during business hours), but on rare occasions -- such as big sales weekends, holiday breaks, etc. -- it can take a little longer.


Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our designers' individual small businesses!