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Terms & Conditions

Copyrights to all graphic elements are retained by the artist who created them.
You may:
• Use the images contained in this collection for your own personal use, including
scrapbooking projects, invitations, hybrid creations or paper scrapbooking.
• Submit your work created with our products to magazines and other publications.
Please be sure to credit the individual designer and product name when submitting to
magazines and use the following web address: www.thedigitalpress.co
• Copy any file downloaded from our site on an electronic or physical medium (CDs,
disks, etc.) for your own back-up purposes.
• Alter any element for personal use, including changing the color, size, trimming, etc.
as needed to complement your design.
• Print a copy of any graphic element to be used for your own personal projects.
• Use our designs for your home-based scrapbooking business (S4H/S4O), provided you
always deliver a flattened image to your clients.
Please request permission from our designers if you desire to use their creations for any type
of project that is not specifically mentioned here.
You may not:
• Use any image downloaded from our site for Commercial Use. These products are for
your Personal Use ONLY (except for as noted above).
• Use these designs, in any form, for business promotion or professional use.
• Make a “quick pages” or template from these designs. Whether you intend to offer
them for sale or for free, this sort of use is prohibited.
• Claim these designs as your own or alter them in order to claim them as your own.
• Redistribute these images in any way (no sharing, no reselling) or transfer this
license to another user. Only you are permitted to use the content of these files.
• Use these images for the purpose of web design or web templates without prior
written permission.
Thank you for abiding by these terms and conditions. Enjoy your downloads! And please,
contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
The Team at The Digital Press