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MTF Hip Hip Yay SVG Color Font (CU)

MTF Hip Hip Yay SVG Color Font (CU)


Full color SVG Open Type .OTF format font - hand drawn in Illustrator by me and includes 110 characters as shown. +BONUS pack of 10 vector extras! .ai, .eps and .png included (see detailed image).

+ + + EXTRA SYMBOLS + + +

To get the symbols to show - type the following...
[ - large heart
{ - moon
] - small heart
} - full cloud
\ - half cloud long
| - half cloud short
( - crown
` - triangle
) - star
~ - squiggle

+ + + Q & A - COLOR FONTS + + +

Q: What is a color font? A: The next BIG thing in graphic design - as they say ;) Color fonts are stored as SVG data inside an OpenType font file. The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format can hold vector shapes, colors, gradients, any type of characters, emojis, icons and more in your type.

Q: Where can I use color fonts? A: You can use color fonts in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018+ and a few other apps as of now. Learn about third-party apps and browsers that support color fonts at colorfonts.wtf

Q: How can I change color font colors? A: Adobe Illustrator: Convert typed text to outline and simply change the colors. Adobe Photoshop: Color text layers with layer effects and or color overlays.

Q: How do I install a color font? A: Color fonts install the same as any font you have used before.

NOTE: This is the COMMERCIAL USE version - Purchase for PERSONAL USE ONLY here.

Price: $8.00
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

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