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You Game? | Kit

You Game? | Kit


You Game? Cherished memories around the table with family and friends, playing games together, can be scrapped with this huge page kit! Several childhood favorites are included in this bright and colorful page kit for all ages!

This kit includes 2 full alphas, a wood, engraved alpha and a blue whimsical alpha, both with upper- and lower-case letters as well as numerals and common symbols.

Also included is 18- 12x12 patterned papers including patterns such as wood, notebook, chessboard, chutes and ladders squares, bingo board, dots, dominoes, crossword puzzle, Chinese checkers, diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. Also included is 12- 12x12 solid papers.

With over 120 unique elements, this page kit is packed with tons of thematic elements and fun coordinating basics including:

  • wooden ampersand
  • double yellow reverse arrows
  • wooden arrow
  • pennant banner
  • bead scatter
  • bingo card
  • 2 multi-colored bows
  • 3 plastic buckets
  • 7 various plastic and wooden buttons
  • 4 game piece cars
  • playing cards: Queen of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, 3 of diamonds, 10 of spades and 13 from Rook
  • colored playing cards, 2, 4, 7 and 8
  • checker pieces
  • cherry
  • chess pieces in black and white: King, Queen and Knight
  • 3 wooden Bingo chips
  • 3 darts
  • dartboard
  • 6 dice, some white, some red with various numbers showing: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6
  • 3 dominoes, 1 with colored dots
  • 12 various paper and fabric flowers, accordion style, pressed paper and fabric roses
  • 5 various frames, some plastic, some paper, one with a crossword puzzle pattern
  • wooden heart
  • 2 sets of paper doodled leaves
  • no sign sticker
  • notebook
  • 3 game pegs
  • pen
  • 3 play money
  • 2 puzzle pieces
  • question mark
  • 6 various cosgrain ribbons, straight and curled
  • bead scatter with stars
  • spinner, with complete spinner but also separate spinner arm and spinner base
  • 5 layered paper stars
  • 4 stickers: 1 with a blue hippo, one with a cherry, one with a top hat and one with the top of a chess King
  • 2 sets of zigzag stitches, one in a straight line and one in a circle
  • 3 strings and rope
  • a tag
  • 4 pieces of washi tape with rainbow stripes and polka dot patterns
  • 4 game tokens
  • metal top hat game piece
  • rainbow-colored trail
  • 4 plastic trains
  • paper tree
  • 10 various word art pieces and bits with phrases: "Fun", "Winner", "Family Night", "Play, Have Fun, Together", "Fun Times", "Game Face", "You Game?", "UNO!", "Checkmate", and "Deal Me In"


This kit is included in the "You Game? Collection Bundle". Bundle up and save!


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