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The Call | Kit

The Call | Kit


The best two years of your life! This digital scrapbooking page kit is for keeping those memories of your or your loved one's special time in the service of the Lord. Bikes, scriptures, love, service, this kit hi-lights the life of a Latter-day Saint missionary, sisters and elders.

Kit includes a set of seven solid and sixteen patterned 12x12 papers in JPEG format with one hundred and thirteen embellishments including:

Three accordion paper rosettes
Two planes
One angel
One elder badge
One sister badge
One welcome home banner
Two sets Baptism clothes
Three bicycles assorted colors
Two bows
Two brads (one star and one circular)
Five buttons
One calendar
One blank calendar
One camera
One set chevrons
Three CTR badges (Choose the Right)
Six flowers
Three frames
One photo turn
One map
Three hearts
Three bicycle helmets
Three sets of leaves
Two letters
Two envelopes
One suitcase
One arrow marker
One messenger bag
Two paper clips
One pen
One pennant
Three pins
Five ribbons
One piece of ric rac
One Bible
One Book of Mormon
Two silhouettes
Three stars
One set of stitches
One set of stitch holes
One set of stitches with holes
Two strings
Three suits
One Temple
Four ties
Five trails
Three washi tapes
Two blank word tags
Thirteen tags with assorted words

This page kit is included in "The Call Collection Bundle". Bundle up and save!

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Price: $7.00
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