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Spend $20 at The Digital Press between March 16-31, 2017* -- and get one FREE TDP collab kit of your choice. Please read the following guidelines/restrictions before participating in this promotion.


  • In short... adding $20+ of qualifying product^ to your cart will cause this item ("SPEND $20 GET FREE SHOP COLLAB") to also appear in your cart at a $0.00 price... which will later allow you to choose a free TDP shop collab kit of your choice. Read on for details...
  • To begin, simply shop as you normally would, and add $20+ of qualifying product^ from The Digital Press to your cart between 3/16--3/31*
  • When you are ready to check out, click on the "view cart" link in the left sidebar of the store
  • When your cart contents appear, check to ensure that this item ("SPEND $20 GET FREE SHOP COLLAB") has automatically appeared in your cart. If so, your cart contents qualify your purchase for this promotion. If not, it means you haven't yet added enough qualifying product^ to your cart. If you have questions about specific items and whether they qualify, please (1) read below where you find the following symbol ^ ...or (b) if your questions are not answered after doing so, please e-mail us questions at helpdesk@thedigitalpress.co
  • This listing (the product listing you are currently reading) is for informational purposes only... you do NOT need to manually add this item to your cart. It will automatically appear once you cross the threshold of having $20+ of qualifying product in your cart
  • *NOTE* if you do add this listing to your cart, you run the risk of it showing up in there twice... in which case you will be charged for one of the 2 listings. You don't want that to happen, and neither do we. :) We only want this "item" to show up in your cart once
  • Once you have $20+ of qualifying product AND have verified that this "SPEND $20 GET FREE SHOP COLLAB" item is in your cart (and has been discounted to $0.00)... check-out and complete your purchase as usual
  • After your purchase is completed and your payment has been fully processed, you will receive a download for this "SPEND $20 GET FREE SHOP COLLAB" item. Download the text file that is auto-generated, and you will find a coupon code within the text file that is specific to you and will work just one time. This code will allow you to choose ANY shop collab kit by the TDP Designers, and "purchase" it for FREE with the code.
  • This code will be valid on ANY product located in the TDP DESIGNER COLLAB area of the shop, with the following exception ---> the "One Kit Two Ways" full bundle is excluded from this offer. Your code will NOT work on that item.
  • Customers may each use this promotion ONE TIME during March 2017 (offer expires at 11:59pm ET on 3/31/2017)
  • All FREE codes must be redeemed before 11:59pm ET on 4/30/17 in order to discount your FREE shop collab to a $0.00 price. Contact us if you have troubles or delays. Thank you!


  • In short... if the FREE kit we were offering was a pre-determined kit, it would just auto-add itself to your cart and that would be that! But this is better. You get to choose your kit.
  • Because we want you to get exactly what you want the most... this multi-step process ensures that you get to pick your own FREEBIE. And we think that will make you happier. :)

* Promotion begins on Thursday 3/16 at 12:00am ET, and ends on Friday 3/31 at 11:59pm ET -- but the FREE kit codes you earn can be redeemed through the end of April 2017 (thru 11:59pm ET on 4/30/17)

^ QUALIFYING PRODUCT is defined as any item in the shop that isn't already so heavily discounted that it has been excluded from all other sales and promotions (heavily-discounted bundles and collections, for instance). Items that do NOT qualify will typically have verbiage listed in the product description to inform you that the item will not count toward your cart total for "Spend X, Get Y"-style promotions such as this one. If in doubt, you may contact us with questions at helpdesk@thedigitalpress.co

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